A fork in the road

I’m not quite sure when it all went wrong. I’m sure if I think back I can pinpoint when it started to unravel.  The ease of conversation became strained over time. I kept moving forward, while she was seemingly stuck.  I have no qualms about helping a friend out here and there, but I will not baby you.  We all make decisions, some good and some bad.  But you learn and you move on.  Apparently she could not move forward.  I tried, offered support and encouragement.  So when do you decide that a friendship needs to end?  When they start to suck the life out of you with every conversation had? or when you begin to feel used?  I started picking up things I probably had noticed before but brushed off.  Ok, so we have a mutual friend who is gay.  Well we have known them for a number of years.  She had even been married before.  I accepted their lifestyle because after all it is their life.  And as a friend I believed that we should support each other.  If you disagree then verbalize your disagreement to that person, but she could not let it go.  The constant smart remarks, the faces made when asked if she invited our friend to an event, met with the “I hope they doesn’t bring their lover.”  So yes, I asked “why be their friend?”.  And was met with a look of really and the response of “I don’t agree with their lifestyle.”  Which is fine but guess what, I don’t agree with your hypocrisy.  I can’t smile at them one minute and then loathe the ways they live another.  I have decided to give it one last chance, our children are close and I hate to see such a long friendship dissolve, but I know eventually we will drift further apart and maybe she realizes and maybe she doesn’t.  But I’m tired of being the supporter, the cheerleader in the corner trying to get the bull to move forward or the truth teller.  So I guess only time will tell…
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The Worker Bee


When I decided to become a health care professional, I knew that I would always love what I do. To help someone go from sickness to health is quite rewarding. In the time of illness people are at their most vulnerable, it’s scary; it’s overwhelming and often confusing. Being able to help my patients through their difficult times is what drove me to my career. A father tearing up at the sight of their newborn, a patient’s soft whisper of thank you, these are the fulfilling joys of my job. But lately there have been more grey clouds than silver linings, a young patient diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, or telling a patient there is nothing more to do. These moments can be haunting for even for a seasoned health care professional.  So after close to 20 years it’s time for a career change.

It’s not that I don’t love what I do, but what happens when going to work brings about depressing feelings of anxiety? Is it worth it to continue?

Entrepreneurship is something I’ve been strongly considering. Several ideas have been floating in my head but I’ve always been scared to take the leap. A leap of faith is what I need.



                    Time for the worker to bee-come the Queen

So ever thought about changing careers?  or have you done it already?? What was your experience?

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